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How to use the Instagram story swipe up feature

How to use the Instagram story swipe up feature

The Instagram Story swipe up is a great addition to your marketing strategy. It allows you to be more tactical with your Stories, and maximizes your potential to get clicks and conversions.

In this article, we’ll explore:

  • What is Instagram swipe up?
  • How to get Instagram swipe up
  • How to add a link to Instagram Stories with swipe up
  • Ways to effectively use Instagram swipe up in brand Stories
  • How to get more traffic and clicks from Instagram Story links


What is the Instagram swipe up feature?

Instagram has released several updates over the past few months targeted at marketers who use stories as a way to drive traffic outside of Instagram to gain visitors and conversions through followers viewing their stories.

Marketers know all too well that Instagram doesn’t offer much in the way of adding links to posts, and changing the link in your bio can be tedious, especially if you’re publishing multiple times a day and wanting to link to different landing pages. With this feature, account holders with swipe up linking capabilities on their Stories can be more versatile and gain a lot more from Instagram marketing than those not using it.

While people browse your story, swiping up or tapping the arrow at the bottom of their screen opens your link, which you can use to drive viewers to blog posts, products and signup pages instantly.


How to activate the ‘swipe up’ feature

Although Instagram wants to keep the swipe up feature for Stories exclusive, it is possible for accounts that meet certain criteria to add links. 

To do so you must:

  • Must be an Instagram Business Profile and
  • Must have over 10,000 followers


  • Must be a verified account

This means that celebrities, public figures and brands are able to access the coveted Instagram swipe up feature if they have not crossed over 10,000 followers but are verified.


How to add links to your Instagram Story

Once you’ve reached the criteria that give you access to the Instagram swipe up feature, your stories editor will now have a link icon at the top of it (fourth from right).

When you tap it, the window that allows you to add a link to your Story pops up. Add any link to your website – whether it’s a blog post, landing page or piece of curated content with some valuable information for an audience in need.

This is where you can share sponsored content with your followers. You’ll know that the post contains a paid partnership when there’s an “ad” label next to it, but if you want complete control over editing this Story later on then be sure not to tag anybody in it!

To add a link to your story, tap the + Web Link icon and type/paste your link. If you delete this Story from your highlights, the website link will disappear as well.


How to effectively use Instagram swipe ups

Now that you know what Instagram swipe ups are, how to access them and where the feature is on your stories update tab, let’s talk about various ways you can take advantage of this new feature in order to increase engagement from your account.


Promote a blog

Looking for new ways to promote your latest blog post? Create a graphic and share it on your story, and include the link so your followers can swipe up and read it.

Instagram’s Story dimensions are crucial when you’re creating your visuals, so make sure you optimize your graphic to the Instagram story dimensions. 

You can easily make these using Canva, which you can read about here.

You can keep track of your Story swipe ups in real time with Instagram’s insights tool.


Promote a product

The swipe up feature is a great way to promote your products on Instagram. No other social media platform has such an emphasis on visuals like Instagram, so make sure you post photos of products with links back to their product page for easy browsing and purchasing.

Instagram has made it simple for people to shop from their favorite influencers and brands without even leaving the app. If you connect your products to the in-app Instagram shop, your followers can view your story, swipe up, and buy your product from right inside the Instagram app.

You can also easily advertise affiliate links with this too.


Promote events

Promote your event with a swipe up feature. Create graphics for the promotion and share it on Stories, including a link to the registration page and run ads to it.


Promote landing pages

You can promote a landing page on Instagram stories by showing an offer or discount, with the swipe up link, and run ads to get people to swipe up directly to your website.

Creating Story graphics or videos is a way to stand out and attract potential customers. They are especially effective at inspiring users by showcasing your service or product in action, as well as providing social proof (videos of other users using the same products).


Promote content on other platforms

Wanna get more views on your YouTube video? You can easily share the link to the video in an Instagram Story. The story will automatically take viewers to your other platform so they don’t have to go directly into the other app or website.

Once you unlock the swipe up feature, Instagram becomes a never-ending promo machine. The built in platforms give your followers everything they need to keep coming back for more and ensure that every single post has an equal chance of gaining traction with users on all your other platforms.


Get more leads

Promoting lead magnets and email list sign ups is another great use of the Instagram Story link. You could supplement that with some Instagram story ads that will add an easy-to-use form when your followers swipe up. 


How to get more swipe ups on your story link

If you’ve been looking to get more swipe ups on your story links, here’s a few tips for you.


Create a call to action

You need to include a call to action to the Story. You can use some of Instagram’s in-built graphics and gifs, but make sure you have one so your viewers know they need to swipe up.


Add GIFs and stickers

Adding GIFs and stickers to your Instagram Stories is a great way to draw attention. You can choose from arrows, GIFs or other visuals like balloons floating in the air pointing up at your link with an arrow attached (or just text such as “SWIPE UP”).


Post consistently

When you post on Instagram, it’s essential to keep things interesting and find the perfect balance between posting too often or not at all. 

To make sure your brand is seen by as many users as possible, consistency with frequency of posts is key. If you’re consistently posting, it goes without saying that you’ll get featured more and people will inevitably be exposed to your content more often.

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